Travels :: Back in the States…

In My travels on October 22, 2009 at 1:52 am

My flight arrived in LA on the 14th of August…

Finally back … and everything was just as I left it three months ago

Landed at LAX and Katharine(my cousin) picked me up ;]

hmmm…really feels like we’re growing up….not having my parents pick me up from the airport

The weather was good~ cool LA breeze and the warm California sun…yup I’m definitely Back HOME!!

First destination…fresh off the plane…”Haus” the cafe and dessert boutique~
Kat and my usual destination ;]

HausPasta HausPasta2

Pasta for lunch ;)~ Yummy….reminds me of P&B in Korea~ Their pasta was fantabulous!! ah~

Craving some RIGHT NOW T_T

chocolate-fondue yuja-yogurt

We didn’t get our usual…Chocolate fondue~ or Yuja Yogurt…but it was good just being back ;]

Photo 117

ME and Kat at home on my MacBook ;]

I’ve got one week to recuperate and get back into School mode sigh~


Spent the week Hosting some friends from Korea/Japan…fun fun but draining >_<

Everyday I’d crawl home around 4am T_T and K.O. until 1pm and the cycle goes on~

But all in all I had fun ;] ~

Gloria Jean

Del Amo Mall Gloria Jeans ;] Yummy Coffee~~~~

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier

11PM decided to go to 3rd street Promenade ;]

Ended up on the Pier and even saw 90210 filming for their upcoming tv series ;] Nice!

ME n Angela

Even went down to the Beach ;]


3AM~~ Palos Verdes Gazebo…

Took a Box of Krispy Kreme and enjoyed the breeze and the  view overlooking the water

Project Ethos

Project Ethos Fashion Show in Hollywood….

I forget the name of the venue >_< pretty nice though

Special Performance by Far East Movement too!~ Loved it!!

Manhattan Bch

5 AM Manhattan Beach!!

Walking the Pier ~~~

Hmmm….been going to the beach a lot ;P

Lori and Kat Chipotle

Fresh of the Plane from Italy…”Chipotle”… says Lori

Next thing we know…she’s got a burrito bowl in front of her

Kat with her Guacamole and chips 😉


“OMG Lori….slow down….I won’t eat your burrito…”


Cafe Tous Les Jours~~

Got to meet up with LEAH and BERNICE in Cerritos!! ;]

Went to get Yogurt teeheehee…

LEAH Bernice

Night of my Departure….

HaeYong Oppa Bought me, Lori and Kat Dinner at K-town!!!

Yummmyyyy~~~~ He took us to this Korean place on 6th street inside the MonteCarlo plaza 😉

Lori and Oppa Kat n Me

Abalone porridge and dweji galbi ~~

점복죽 돼지갈비


Didn’t think I would ever miss Berkeley…

SF HEARTS! in Union Square ❤


SeungGun and Me inside Macy’s ;]


Took the boys to Lawrence lab to get a whiff of the awesome view ;]


Lawence Lab

Ice Skating ;]


Wine and Chocolate with my roommate Sophie~

WIne and chocolate

Me and Angela on the BART!!

Been over three years since we’ve gone on the BART together!! Oh-em-gee

Bringing back memories from Freshmen Year~

Angela on Bart Shelly on the Bart

At GAP!!

Angela at GAP Gap

In the Dressing Room ;]

Trying on clothes….

P1020365 angela

Walking down Powell Street …


Wow~ that sums up my first week back at Berkeley ;]

  1. LOL you always RANDOMLY post like MONTHS later hahaha ^^

    yummyyy pasta at haus looks delicious!

    • ahahaha~!!! it’s because its a hassle to upload pics ~
      So I extend my publication period for a couple of weeks ;P
      lol…i know i should be more consistent~
      After I catch up blogging about summer
      I will be more consistent and post about my daily life ;] kkkk~
      그럼 자주자주 와줘~~~ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

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