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Artsy Fartsy ;}

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San Francisco

Mother’s Day Paper Roses – credits to Irene Noh 

Los Angeles

Downtown / Koreatown

Streets of LA
Water in the Park…
waddle waddle…

Farmer’s Market – The Grove


Palos Verdes

The Path
Think Bench

San Diego

La Jolla

Brunch at La Jolla

New York

Nights of New York

Street Art


Coffee Bean

Journaling adventures....


palace of fine arts…

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Travels:: Shirley in Korea

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One of my best friends (Shirley Hwang) is currently in Korea, and writes for 10 Magazine Asia.

10 Magazine is an all-English Korea info magazine.  Great place to read about all the best ways to enjoy your life in Korea.  Besides the great articles containing fashion, dining info, lifestyle news and travel features, 10 Magazine’s Calendar is divided into Korea six major provinces + Seoul and lists exhibitions, theater, concerts, film, community, sports, dining and nightlife events happening  in each and every area.

Contributor profile: Shirley Hwang

“Shirley Hwang hails from sunny Southern California, where she majored in economics.  Upon graduation, she decided to rediscover Korea through travel, food, culture, and photography.  Shirley is especially fond of roaming through Seoul’s various enclaves in hopes of discovering new cafes, restaurants, and history along the way.  Her current mission: to refrain from drinking perilous amounts of coffee during her Korea odyssey.  Feel free to e-mail her with foodie finds and ideas for travel at

Check it out ;]

Travels :: Noise Basement

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Dance your heart away~

Personally, I think dancing is the best form of exercise ;]

NB [Gangnam, Korea]

credits to Sophie Cho who went all the way to Korea to take this picture for me ;]

Prior to her departure to Korea, she snapped a shot of a pseudo-NB and sent it to me with the headline “Noise basement is not too far”…

A good ten minutes of being giddy…then back to the books

…look familiar?

-_-;; yes…at the library (Mainstacks level d)

Travel :: Berkeley

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Walking on campus…

this shot made me feel cozy…

Travels :: Back in the States…

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My flight arrived in LA on the 14th of August…

Finally back … and everything was just as I left it three months ago

Landed at LAX and Katharine(my cousin) picked me up ;]

hmmm…really feels like we’re growing up….not having my parents pick me up from the airport

The weather was good~ cool LA breeze and the warm California sun…yup I’m definitely Back HOME!!

First destination…fresh off the plane…”Haus” the cafe and dessert boutique~
Kat and my usual destination ;]

HausPasta HausPasta2

Pasta for lunch ;)~ Yummy….reminds me of P&B in Korea~ Their pasta was fantabulous!! ah~

Craving some RIGHT NOW T_T

chocolate-fondue yuja-yogurt

We didn’t get our usual…Chocolate fondue~ or Yuja Yogurt…but it was good just being back ;]

Photo 117

ME and Kat at home on my MacBook ;]

I’ve got one week to recuperate and get back into School mode sigh~


Spent the week Hosting some friends from Korea/Japan…fun fun but draining >_<

Everyday I’d crawl home around 4am T_T and K.O. until 1pm and the cycle goes on~

But all in all I had fun ;] ~

Gloria Jean

Del Amo Mall Gloria Jeans ;] Yummy Coffee~~~~

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier

11PM decided to go to 3rd street Promenade ;]

Ended up on the Pier and even saw 90210 filming for their upcoming tv series ;] Nice!

ME n Angela

Even went down to the Beach ;]


3AM~~ Palos Verdes Gazebo…

Took a Box of Krispy Kreme and enjoyed the breeze and the  view overlooking the water

Project Ethos

Project Ethos Fashion Show in Hollywood….

I forget the name of the venue >_< pretty nice though

Special Performance by Far East Movement too!~ Loved it!!

Manhattan Bch

5 AM Manhattan Beach!!

Walking the Pier ~~~

Hmmm….been going to the beach a lot ;P

Lori and Kat Chipotle

Fresh of the Plane from Italy…”Chipotle”… says Lori

Next thing we know…she’s got a burrito bowl in front of her

Kat with her Guacamole and chips 😉


“OMG Lori….slow down….I won’t eat your burrito…”


Cafe Tous Les Jours~~

Got to meet up with LEAH and BERNICE in Cerritos!! ;]

Went to get Yogurt teeheehee…

LEAH Bernice

Night of my Departure….

HaeYong Oppa Bought me, Lori and Kat Dinner at K-town!!!

Yummmyyyy~~~~ He took us to this Korean place on 6th street inside the MonteCarlo plaza 😉

Lori and Oppa Kat n Me

Abalone porridge and dweji galbi ~~

점복죽 돼지갈비


Didn’t think I would ever miss Berkeley…

SF HEARTS! in Union Square ❤


SeungGun and Me inside Macy’s ;]


Took the boys to Lawrence lab to get a whiff of the awesome view ;]


Lawence Lab

Ice Skating ;]


Wine and Chocolate with my roommate Sophie~

WIne and chocolate

Me and Angela on the BART!!

Been over three years since we’ve gone on the BART together!! Oh-em-gee

Bringing back memories from Freshmen Year~

Angela on Bart Shelly on the Bart

At GAP!!

Angela at GAP Gap

In the Dressing Room ;]

Trying on clothes….

P1020365 angela

Walking down Powell Street …


Wow~ that sums up my first week back at Berkeley ;]

Travel :: 마지막…the end

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My last days in Korea~~

This last post will sum up the end of my trip

A Bittersweet finale ;]

So here goes ;p

Hongdae cafe….I don’t think I noted the name of this place

We had strawberry Sangria ~

Delicious 😉


Strawberry Sangria here~~~~

and Pretzels ^^

Sangria my drink

Shin oppa dropped me off in his Car ~

Super cool!! Driver’s seat was on the right!!

It was imported from Japan 😉

DriverSeat-right Shin's Car

Before our Final for our International economics class

Suji, Bernie, Leah and I went to 가로수길 (ga-ro-soo-gil)

A Chic street with BOutiques and unique restaurants, cafes, lounges and bars

We went to a very modern looking cafe with lots of good looking people lounging around also ;]

가로수길 BIG CAfe

Next stop was…

Apkujung F.A.S (Fruit Alcohol Shop)

Ballin interior design~

Me and Leah with our cute apple Soju shots ;P

F.A.S. apkujung

Our International Economics class!! woot woot

Econ Class

Caffe Bonne ~

They had the biggest baddest bingsoo !! 😉



With Nikko! Our end of the semester party!~

Representing Berkeley!!


Night before Leah’s departure T_T

At the “술 파는 꽃집” that wasn’t as great as I hyped it up to be T_T sad…

But the first time I went it was super good~


Ann House…

Our after-club event…

Resting our poor little feet heeheehee

Ann House

At the Airport!!~

Goodbye LEAH!!! T_T

Airport Leah Bye


And his Amazing hotel room!!~ Balla~!!!

Man's Mansion Dick Lounging

Richard = 임창정

compliment? lol

Dr. Fish Cafe

Lotte World ~

Ice Skating!!! Super fun~~~

Ommurice ice skating Lotte

Bau Haus~

A dog cafe in Hongdae!! Love the pups!!! ❤

Dog Cafe

Youngwoo 오빠’s Birthday!! 😉

Youngwoo bday

하루 Izakaya

they gave us 서비스~

Some salmon appetizers 😉

salmon stuff

This is how I ended my last night in Korea!!

WOW….time flies….Life goes on….

Back in the States…I will continue to blog about my random adventures

Hope you enjoyed ;]

Travel :: Memories

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Updating my blog once again…

This is just a continuation of my trip to Korea

So below is something like Brick toast from “11ses” a coffee shop right next to Beantage ;]

We decided to go here one day cuz it was cute…and they had good service and all…but we are devoted to Beantage ;] kkk

Toast @ 11ses

That’s ME~ with a face mask and a Yonsei Hockey Jersey I got as a present from my Friend “범진”

Bernice and I were up late making use of our face packs and i think doing our nails too~ kkk~

Fun ;]

Yonsei Ice Hockey


The day before they left to Cambodia they made it out to Ehwa University area to meet up

We went to eat at 안동찜닭 mighty delicious 😉


Coffee Prince Cafe from the drama…Coffee Prince lol

It wasn’t anything special~ looked like a regular cafe…

coffee prince cafe

Made our way to HongDae~

Walked along the Cafe street !! Love it here

Everything is so ARTSY~ 😉

hongdae cafe street

NRB~ “수 Luxury 노래방”

Came in to SING SING SING 😉

Luxury NRB

An underground walkway with really interesting Graffiti~

This is Definitely HongDae Territory~

all dem art students who don’t have enough money to buy canvasses…

really know how to utilize their resources ;]


HongDae Subway Station…

Bernice and her pups 😉 SO CUTE!!!!!!!


Crowded Stairway…going out of Hongdae Subway Station Exit #5 I believe

It’s always crowded like this on the weekends ~

crowded Subway

선유도 공원~!!! This Park is FAMOUS!! SO BIG~ and lot’s to see

I even got to write my name on the wall 😉 yayuh!!

선유도 공원 배 graffiti

Next was 유람선…A big boat that takes you along the Han RIver 😉

Pirate of the Caribbean was the name of the boat i believe…

유람선 유람선2

Beautiful Sunset!!!~

breathtaking sunset

SInchon…. A small hole in the wall Ramyun Restaurant 😉

Really yummy and affordable 😉

ramyun place in sinchon ramyun house

Not much of a Ramyun fan…so i got flat mandu (potstickers) and ddukbokki~!!!

mandu and ddukbokki

Junco~ NRB in Gangnam that serves food 😉

태원, 준, 리아, 버니스, 수지, 히로오빠~ Party Party

Junco NRB

FRO-YO 😉 yummy at yogurberry in front of school 😉


치우 in SInchon~

Nice Lounge 😉 with delicious fruit Soju cocktails

Fruit anjoo

Bernice and Muah~

Serious FACE 😉

Sinchon Bar


치후 Bar

Bernice~ Ice cream Queen 😉

Ice Cream Queen


Rachel and Jack~

Kimchi making Kimchi

Salad at P&B ~ they have yummy pasta!!

P&B salad

BEANTAGE~ Bernice on the COmputer with the Cutest earphones!!! 😉


Dankook University Bear statue…with us models in the forefront ;]

Dankook Univ Bear + models

OUr afterparty 😉

새우깡 and Banana MILK ;]

the best!!!

Post-club eats

TIred….suzzie and Leah

Susie Leah

Our presentation group ;] Deborah, Minji, Taeseok, and Corinne

Group Presentation

JinHo with the Apron 😉 at 닭갈비집 😉


Omelet at Shinsaegae


Cute Cafe Menu~ They have a cute/romantic verse for each item ;]

Book Cafe was the name ~

Cute Cafe menu Book Cafe Book Cafe 2

Apkujung Wara Wara….

We Accidentally ordered Chicken Gizzard T_T…never get that!!!

Wara Wara Apkujung Chicken Gizzard noodly stuff

Last night with 태원오빠 and 성민오빠 😉 off to Military service for one month 😉

군대 가는 성민 and 태원 오빠

At Jinho 오빠’s House 😉

We had yummy 짜장면 and 탕수육 delivered~

I LOVE delivery Service!!

Chinese FOod Korean style lol

Last but not least~

Our presentation group!!

Dressing up as Tajikistan natives ;]

Group Central Asia

Still got more to come…


Travel :: It’s just the Beginning

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My Favorite Cafe here at 단국대~

The owner is the sweetest and best Barista ever…

He hand brews every cup on the spot…So it takes some time but it tastes Amazing!!~


Beantage Mocha Iced Green Tea Latte

Vintage interior to go along with the great MUSIC!~

BEantage me

Next is 대학로~ which roughly translates to College Avenue~

This is where a bunch of College students hang out

Streets are lined up with great Cafe’s, restaurants, play-houses and boutiques!


Tastes better than it sounds!

I actually don’t like beer but the hint of lemon made it better ;]

Lemon Beer

Spicy Seafood Rice cake ~ yummy!!!


Leah and Muah!~

Eating a communal bowl of Bibimbap~ haha


태원오빠 랑 준 ;]


Shabu Shabu with Jinho and Seungri~

P1000908 P1000910 Shabu Shabu

Lotte World entrance~~ Me and two of my students 😉

Jinho and Jiwon 😉


Carousel …


VIKING!!!! SO SCary!!!~ and we sat in the middle too!! T_T

Viking Viking ah!!

Faith and Me on a pirates lap 😉

Argh~ kkk

kk P1000989

건빵 (gun-bbang) with 별사탕 (star-candy)

This is staple snack for Korean Military

I met up with a friend who came out for vacation from military service and this is wat he brought me 😉

ahahah~!! I loved it!!


Hyungjoon 오빠 bought me dinner with his meager Military stipend ~ kk

He looks SO different with his head shaved! hahah~

He had to go back to his base the next day T_T

hyunjoong samgyupsal

Party with the Students 😉

Ah!!! I miss all you guys!!~


My FIRST Section Class students!!~

Seungri, Jinho, and Jiwon 😉

Best class!


After a LONG day stuck in the dorms ~

Finally got out at night and played at Beantage

Writing in my Diary with a cup of Green tea latte 😉 kkk


Cafe Praline~

Great view of campus from this top floor cafe 😉

Leah me

Yummy Waffles and Ice cream at Praline too!!~



The Band club 😉 got a first hand experience of some awesome performances


Pottery class!!

Bernice and her apron ~


My masterpiece~ 😉 pretty ey? kkk

It was harder than i expected !_!


Bum Jjang!!!~

My Yonsei Ice Hockey player !

What a stud 😉 kkk

Awesome personality and great Sense of Humor~

Met up at Sinchon to catch up before he left for Japan to train for 1 month~



The Feast at East Sea

Tons of Seafood~

This was just the beginning~

hwe ISP

Illegal Fireworks and sparklers on the beach !!! YAY!!!!


Rise and Shine~

One last shot in front of the beach before we bounced 😉

With Leah ~ 😉



Christina, me and Leah!~


So while everyone else decided to ride the cable car up to the top…

I decided to go for a walk up the mt. by myself 😉

And i ran into this~ Tablets with writing on them

Basically people come and write stuff here~ Mostly a couple thing 😉

SWEET!! So when i get a boyfriend…i need to come here ~ LOL


Still so much more to come 😉


Travel :: So much to tell

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Wowzerz~ it’s been a while since I’ve updated kkk~

Well I’m back in the States now ;] but I just wanted to update and reminisce 😉

Here goes~

오댕탕!! At Wara Wara in Gangnam~

Met up with Esther and and Stella and had some Watermelon Soju and this stuff~

I like ;]


Then went to NRB “수” luxury Karaoke

These are personal mikes for VIP members!!! ahahahahah!!!!!!!!

A wall of personalized mikes ~ ridiculous!!!


희종 and 경욱~ ㅋㅋ

In Gangnam again~

희 경

Three of my Students!!!  Having Lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in front of School ~


More Student outings~

This time at Apkujung 😉

진호 and 진우~ ㅋㅎㅎ! Gotta love these two Architect Majors 😉


At Baskin Robbins 😉


Jinwoo with my Glasses T_T


EKang and Stella ~ Ran into them while walking around Sinchon 😉

ekang stella

Met up with Sopee and other Berkeley People 😉


Myungdong~ In front of ABC Mart kkk~


My Students took me to a Baseball game ~ haha

My first time in Korea~ These fans go Buck Wild!!! It was so FUN!!!~

I usually don’t like Baseball games but this one was SUPERB!!~


They even make us wear these ridiculous bags over our heads kkk~

I enjoyed it though heeheehee


On the Subway 😉 with Bernice, Faith, and Leah~

On our way to Apkujung!!!

subway in motion

Me, Jasmine and Leah got our helix all pierced together 😉 kk~

helix poopd

Ah~ what an eventful few days …

More to come ;]