Thoughts :: Back to SCHOOL MODE

In My thoughts on October 22, 2009 at 1:15 pm

*Sorry no photos…My Camera BROKE !!!!! My 3-month old camera…dead…and I’m SO careful with my CAMERAs!! I’ve never broken ANY before!!! Mourned about it…got over it…now starting to research again… and my journey to find my ideal Camera continues…my blog will have to suffice with minimal picturism til then heehee

R.I.P little one…you served me well



Off to a hectic week….trying to get enrolled in my wait-listed class…International Trade! … fail

Officially got my concentration approved and accepted into PEIS … which is now just Political Economies. I’m concentrating more on Globalization of markets and International business and how the unique infrastructure of different countries affect the market…Wish Berkeley had a Fashion department…I’ve been dreaming about Parsons lately…wish I would’ve been more adventurous in Highschool and applied OUTSIDE of the UC system….k let’s stop wishing and make things HAPPEN! ;]

Back to teaching Youth Group…didn’t realize how much I missed these rascals ;P Great to see new faces and the same old trouble-makers ;]

An old picture from last semester’s valentines day banquet~

Three of my precious girls: Ellen, Joo, Steph ❤

YG girls

Recruiting started … ah! I’m at a loss of what to do with my future T_T

I’ve stopped trying to look for that ONE prestigious job that I would look “good” in and decided to pursue what I LIKE to and WANT to do.

Reputation and image < Happiness and Joyful life…

doesn’t mean I can’t have both…it’s just that sometimes society’s norms, expectations and definitions of happiness, can get the worst of me…and lead me astray.

AND… this is where everything gets jumbled up … I want to go into the Fashion Business Industry…maybe Fashion Journalism?…but then again I see myself in Hotel Management because I like the service/hospitality industry too…then I think about my initial dream of establishing my own Bakery/Restaurant >_<

I need clarity in life ;] Gotta Pray HARD CORE~ Wherever God Leads me I know I will be HAPPY! ;]

OH! Another New thing…I started working at Banana Republic in order to get some hands on experience working in the fashion industry….gotta start somewhere!! It can be draining at times, but most of the time goes by really fast, a plus to working where I can really enjoy what I do. I like working with people and I like FASHION 😉 Sometimes I feel like I’m a personal stylist ~~


Back to SCHOOL life…

Midterms every week…yeah story of my life. lol


LEISURE…I will soon make a list of “Places to go…Sites to See…Food to EAT” and I WILL accomplish them by the end of my Senior YEAR!!

STATE of My ROOM = State of my life… Hectic…All over the place…ayayaya

I need to buy another clothing rack…I have no room to hang my clothes…they just pile up and up and up ;/

I wouldn’t mind one of these


Latest addition to my Wardrobe:

Wool Peacoat from Banana Republic ;] LOVE IT~

A must-have for the Winter…I simple, chic, warm coat.


hmmm…trying to find pictures what I bought is so time consuming…couldn’t find the rest … I shall snap pictures of myself wearing them and post em up 😉 that is…when I get a Camera >_<

Until then~ Happy Blogging !!


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