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palace of fine arts…

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modern look

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While perusing through a magazine (Architectural Designs) …
found a couple of neat arrangements and upholstery ~
Sometimes i wonder what it would have been like if i majored in Architecture or Interior Design… oh the possibilities 😉
Political Economies will have to do for now ^^ hehe

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My Haus

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For my future house…

A low platform bedframe … a very “down to earth” kind of look ;] literally

Oh so earthy ~ Would love to fall asleep on this bed

Bench anyone? ^^

All I need is three little munchkins of mine sitting on that bench ~

A bulb inside a bulb?

That’s my kind of Lamp :}

Long Body Mirror~ an absolute must for every girl ;]

Stump ~

Chair…table…stand…the versatility of this piece of wood ;] Amazing 😛

I wish I could capture this breathtaking view and portray it in my house somehow ~

Goodness I love this picture~ ❤

Fashion :: Military

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Look of the Week


Photo :: Antique Shop

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Antique shop on Telegraph Ave

Photography :: Berkeley Marina

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Today’s adventures…

A trip to Skates on the Bay and an intense view of the Marina

On the rocks…

Deep Blue…

Boardwalk show 1…

Boardwalk shot 2…

Same frame…different setting

There’s something really moving about vast expanses of water

So deep and mysterious…like life

Eats :: Chef Yang

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Dinner at the Yangs lol~

Mr. Steven Yang a graduate of “Food Network” prepared a Paula Dean-worthy Jambalaya dish

and a Southern Iced Sweet Tea~

A beautiful concoction with the mint leaves and all.


Sweet Tea

The chef

Good food and good company = Good times

Travels :: Route 5

In My thoughts on February 24, 2010 at 9:21 pm

On my drive down from LA to SF with Sophie …

Got a shot of moo-moo-land

Protected: Thoughts :: 술자리란…

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Thoughts :: Olfactory senses

In My thoughts on February 10, 2010 at 3:25 am

I’ve realized that I have an extremely keen sense of smell…and certain smells trigger specific memories…mostly good memories ;]

So…I walked out of my Marketing class today in a rush to go to my next Lecture when I was hit with an all too familiar smell. mmMmm~ I’ve smelled this smell before…

It was the smell of my friend “Pizza”…the aroma of freshly baked pizza covered with melting cheese ~

As soon as the aroma hit my nose…in my mind flashed a memory of me, my mom and my sister. The image was of us 10 years ago … sitting at Pizza Hut. A treat that my Mom allowed us to have once every so often… a trip to Pizza Hut. Sometimes we’d even just to-go 2 boxes and some breadstick and eat it while watching Korean shows at home.

All that processed through my head in a matter of seconds and I felt a pang of nostalgia…and I realized how much I missed these times…times I took for granted.

Simple quality time spent with Family…whether it’d be eating together, watching tv together, or just sitting next to each other in silence…the comfort of being in the presence of my family…that’s what I’ve been lacking the past four years of my life as a College student.

Who would’ve thought Pizza could make me THINK so much.