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In My eats on June 2, 2010 at 1:38 am

Today was the first time in a long time since I had time to myself to simply frolic around the bay area.

So Angela, Christine and I went over to Emeryville to catch a matinee ;P

We watched Iron Man II in a near empty theater and ate yummy snacks

Love the red seats ~ ❤

Then we went over to IKEA to grub lol~

Started off with FroYo, Cinnamon bun and hot dog

Then went SHOPPING … jk

all the clothes were pinned down so no one could take them hahaha

Here’s Christine checking out the Teddy Bear Chair

and Angela lounging in the living room…

with a personal housemaid (Christine) pouring her a glass of wine ;P

Angela making breakfast for her kids ~

White kitchen top = simple, clean look

Check out the bookshelves~ Love it !

Edgy…my kind of Kitchen ~

Love the Black and woody cupboards.

Christine’s childlike smile…waiting to get her MEATBALLS!

she’s been talking about them every since we left the movie theaters lol

IKEA…now a restaurant? hehehe

Ready to EAT!

Swedish Meatballs in the front and Chicken tenders w/ Fries in the back

Finished it off with a couple of snacks ;]

I would have to say that was a successful trip to IKEA 🙂


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