Eats :: Koreatown

In My eats on April 1, 2010 at 1:43 pm

Cafe Mak

Mak Salad ;]


Assorted Skewers

Thin Sweet Potato fries

Chibbokki [치뽀끼]

Spicy Rice cake w/ Cheese


Carbonara Ddukbokki

Guava Yogurt

Green Tea Latte

Little Tokyo

Salmon Donburi


Tempura Ice Cream (Green tea and Coffee)

Fried Bananas w/ Vanilla Ice cream

Japanese Beer and Edamame

Tous Les Jours

Pizza bbang

Sweet Potato Mousse Cake

Iced Americano and Iced green tea

S Cafe

Labokki [라뽀끼]

Spicy Rice cake with ramyun noodles

Yangnyum Chicken [양념치킨]

Marinated Chicken wings

Korean Restaurant

Banchan [반찬]

Korean side dishes

Haemul Pajeon [해물파전]

Seafood Pancake



Yangnyum Chicken [양념치킨]

Marinated Chicken

Galleria Plaza

Kalguksoo [칼국수]

BokkeumBap [볶음밥]

Fried Rice w/ mushroom, peas, Jumbo shrimp etc


Sweet Potato Fries


Fries smothered in cheese and marinara sauce


Yaki Soba


  1. ❤ ktown food! see you there all next year?! 😀

  2. wait a minute… how did you eat all this during one week of spring break?!

  3. hahahaha~ I know…i was a 저팔계 for sure

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