Eats :: Jjajangmyun [Black Bean Noodle]

In My eats on March 10, 2010 at 11:03 pm

Black Bean noodles = 짜장면 (Jjajangmyun)

Traditionally served in Korean “chinese restaurants” not to be confused with authentic Chinese Restaurants. You won’t find anything like Jjajangmyun at your local Chinese restaurant…

This Korean dish has found a niche amongst “singles”… marketed as the “singles’ food” 짜장면 is eaten to celebrate[or mourn] one’s singleness on days such as 2/14, 3/14 and 4/14, Valentines Day, White Day, Black Day respectively.

“Is it against the law to be SINGLE?” then what’s up with all these celebration days devoted to couples.

If that’s what you’re thinking…that bowl of 짜장면 is for you ;]

Singles unite for a 짜장면 extravaganza…you never know where your next strand of noodle will lead you

A fan of JjamPpong [짬뽕] too? you can have both…

JjamJjaMyun [짬짜면] is the name

Jjamppong + Jjajangmyun = JjamJjaMyun

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