Fashion :: One-piece phenomenon

In My fashion on February 27, 2010 at 5:24 pm

Ever since last summer I’ve been head over heels for jumpers…one-piece apparel

and while researching for my marketing class I ran into this article The Skintight One Piece is Back

Thus I wanted to showcase the Jumpsuits/Rompers that have made their way into my wardrobe

Arden B.

Vintage Boutique [Apkujung, Korea]

Banana Republic


(credits to lookbook)

On top of that…

With the recent revival of Overalls~ I’m regretting tossing all my overalls…7 years ago -_-;;

hmmm… I actually bought one this past summer in Korea

Will have to post that soon ~

But for now…Long Live One Pieces!!

  1. im not really into the revival of the jumper, but i have seen a few cute ones. that first u show from arden b is somthing i would try.

    for a peice of my world

    Toni Couture!!

  2. haha i remember when overalls used to be in ^0^

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