Eats :: Anju and stuff

In My eats on February 12, 2010 at 2:04 am

Chingoos, Anjoos, Maekjoo – all go too well together ;]

Chilled Beer mug…technology these days ;P

OB Chicken

Fried/Marinated Chicken…후라이드반 양념반~

NakkJi Bokkeum…Spicy Octopus noodle dish

Fries!!! 감자튀김 ㅎㅎㅎ


Udon…does wonders on a cold day


Spicy Sashimi topped rice dish

Cafe Jack


Chewy Rice cake and al dente noodles lol

Seafood Cream Pasta!!!!!! ❤

Not too 느끼(creamy) just the way I like it.


LaBbokki(Spicy rice cake) and Mandu (Potstickers)


Odeng Ttang

and half-eaten corn cheese

Yummy Korean Food ❤

There’s a pattern. Can you guess what my favorite dish is? lol!!

  1. yummmyyy!!! hey you changed to DiiP? i liked your other name too kkk what does DiiP stand for?

    • i was testing out new headlines ;P
      IT was a mix between dip and Deep
      hahha how like my posts are dipping into different areas of my life and what i’m interested.
      And I try to make posts that I keep deep in my head…things that I’ve though out deeply lol~
      I was half sleeping while doing it LOL so i changed it back kkkk

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