Eats :: Latte for less

In My thoughts on February 9, 2010 at 12:58 am

As much as I LOVE Lattes…sometimes my wallet isn’t as thick as I want it to be and so I opt for a regular cup of joe for a kick of caffeine

But recently I’ve discovered a cost-efficient way of getting my latte…lol

So here’s where I get to use my Barista experience [Used to work at Tous les Jours]

1. Order a shot or double shot of espresso over Ice. ($1.55/$1.85 @ Star$$)

2. Add sugar or other flavoring if you like, I add vanilla (free at the sugar/milk corner)

If you want to add sugar or flavoring it’s best you add it to the espresso when it’s hot. So you might want to opt not to ask for it over ice. And add ice after you add sugar/flavor.

3. Add reduced-fat milk (free)

4. Save $

The only catch is you can’t make yourself a Hot latte ;] heehee

I know this is pretty cheap of me T_T but I’m a poor college student who needs to stay awake >_<

I only do this after I’ve paid for my fair share of overpriced drinks though…so no worries Star$$…I’m not gonna drive you out of business (like I could…lol)

and definitely not something to pull at Mom and Pop cafes, pay the full price~

Cheers to a good cup of coffee~

  1. lol! i like your “star$$”

    cool milk cartons.. are the different line levels supposed to depict whole, low, nonfat?

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