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In My fashion on February 6, 2010 at 8:11 pm

Went to Crate and Barrel in San Francisco and decided I needed to catalog my future household essentials

A heavy duty KitchenAid Mixer for all my baking necessities

Ice Cream maker ;] to create my very own ice cream flavors

Retro Espresso Machine

LOVE IT! Gotta have my Latte :]

A simple steel cup to steam milk ~

cup a tea…couple of tea

Ready for a tea party…I think yes~

a little sugar… a little cream …a little cute

okay…i have a weak spot for cups…mugs…

Wine would taste better in something like this ~

All the utensils I need~~~~~~


I believe I’m ready to get married.

  1. dude i’ve wanted that red kitchenaid for forever!!! and i really want my own ice cream maker too. so expensive though 😦

    i love mugs and cups too!! i just want to move into a new place w/ stylish new furniture and pretty new appliances and accessories =]

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