Thoughts :: Me talk Pretty one day

In My thoughts on February 5, 2010 at 3:31 am

I feel myself becoming more insensitive and less conscious about my actions, manner, and expression. Bluntness isn’t a flaw but it should be contained in a pretty little box and used sparingly. Words are the sharpest weapons…and yet I’ve lost control of wielding it with caution.

How did I lose my grip? I ask myself…

Complacent…I’ve become too comfortable with myself…and everything/one around me. This lack of awareness and lack of concern for how my presentation, personality and poise is adversely effecting my attitude, thoughts and emotions is unbecoming of me. If Ugly was a noun…it’d be sitting on top of me right now.

I wanna be “pretty” again…

3 am

someday I’ll read the book…Me Talk Pretty One Day by Sedaris ;]

  1. omg! i agree about the bluntness comment “should be placed in a pretty box and used sparingly” puhahah 🙂

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