Thoughts :: A raccoon that made me think

In My thoughts on February 2, 2010 at 10:45 pm

There’s a family of raccoons that live in close proximity to my apartment complex. Our manager, John, makes it his responsibility to feed these Raccoons. [Disclaimer: These raccoons aren’t the cute little fur balls that are portrayed in Pocahontas.] John sets out a platter of dog food for the little rascals in our garage, and whenever I come home late at night they’re there watching me. Freaky…well in the beginning at least.

I guess I’m pretty used to them now. A couple days ago…I noticed that the dish of dog food didn’t empty itself and remained in the same condition for a number of days. It caught my eye every time I went in and out of the garage…and all these thoughts went through my head,”omg…someone must have run them over!” There was a piece of me that felt uneasy…concerned…disappointed…a motley of emotions.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not depressed because the raccoons might be gone forever, but I realized that lately I’ve been building up a number of Expectations….expectations from people, from life, from just about everything. When these expectations are not met…I feel disappointed…concerned…stressed >_< This can lead to my losing trust and respect for mainly people…and judging them too. Not so good.

But who am I to have such Expectations.

No one…no thing is perfect but God ;]

Today … as the elevator doors were closing…a familiar ball of fur peaked out from behind the wall ;]

[Edited: 2.27.10]

So I finally caught a picture of one of the rascals ;]

Didn’t want to use flash and scare em off so it’s a bit dark

but that’s him/her…eating dog food hahaha

  1. hang in there shelly 🙂
    p.s. add some fangs, +10lbs to the picture and maybe it’ll look as scary as the piedmont racoons haha!

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