Eats :: New York

In My eats on January 27, 2010 at 11:48 pm

Journey to New York through a motley of delectable cuisines

5 Napkin Burger

Seared Ahi Tuna Burger…melt in my mouth goodness

Perfectly Crispy Fries

Match made in Heaven!!

Katz Delicatessen

Heaping Tuna Sandwich…I love TUNA!

Loaded Pastrami sandwich…humungo!!

Philly Cheese steak~ Heart Attack…

Street Food

Infamous Chicken and Rice!!

Patisserie on our way to Central Park! ❤

Gray’s Papaya

Ordinary Hot dog? Apparently…yes ;]

Known for their Papaya drink~ takes some acquiring

Lemon beer~ Corona!

For those who have not yet learned to appreciate beer >_<

Cranberry juice to the rescue ;]

Grimaldi’s Pizza

Ultimate Pizza Place

Definitely worth the Metro ride all the way to Brooklyn

Shake Shack

Crispiest Fries EVER!!!!

Delicious fresh squeezed lemonade


I Love Dunkin!!~

Bringing me warm memories of Korea

City Bakery

Over Priced but Bustling with New Yorkers

Cookies, Scones and muffins

Hot Chocolate…more like thick chocolate soup

and a pretzel croissant

Berry Scone

another one of my favorite pastries~ Not too sweet not to dull ;]

  1. You take great pictures! I’m hungry now.. -.-

  2. omg those sandwiches look too huge to bite!

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