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In My thoughts on December 1, 2009 at 1:17 am

I love the little things that remind me of my childhood…

Food for thought:

Tangerines and Chestnuts  –  Every Winter my mom, my sister and I would lie down in front of the TV, pull a big blanket over ourselves and peel a whole box of tangerines and stuff ourselves while waiting for our dad to roast chestnuts ;] yummm

Sugar coated doughnuts – Every Saturday my sister and I would go to Korean School and they would always serve doughnuts during snack time…there were So many varieties but me being the indecisive child that I was…always ended up getting the sugar-coated-doughnut after much contemplation. Converted to Jelly doughnuts after Angela persuaded me to try them once ahahhaha!!

Ichiban Ramen – This brings me back to my middle school days…when I was not a fan of spicy foods…Ichiban was the perfect alternative…a savory ramyun that was quick and easy

Jack in the Box – This was a treat that my Dad always got for us after school. Once a week or so…me and my sister would coax our Dad (easily persuaded) to take us to Jack in the Box and we’d always…Always get the “Spicy Chicken Sandwich” meal with CURLY fries LOL!!!~ gosh so fatty and I always wondered why I’d get so Sleepy after finishing that monstrous meal hahaha

Chili-cheese Fries from Steve’s – another one of my artery clogging foods ;P This was a tradition for LMSS (Lillian, Michelle, Shelly, Shirley) after church on Sundays…a large order of chili-cheese fries and we were good to go ;] kkk

Assorted See’s Candy Chocolate Box – My Dad would bring home boxes of these and I’d go through all of em taking a bite out of each and putting them back in the box if I didn’t like the flavor ;p heehee

김치볶음밥 aka Kimchi Fried Rice – On Saturday mornings my mom would wake me and my sister up to eat brunch…and she’d make us the best 김치볶음밥 ever!! We’d place the pan full of fried rice on the table and eat together while watching Korean dramas ;] oh how I miss these days…

Lucas Candy – from the Ice Cream Truck~ We’d run out of the house and catch the ice cream truck lined with kids from the neighborhood…exchange a quarter or two for some Lucas watermelon candy!! Yummy!!~

More Memories…

Sticker Pictures – this was the cool thing to do when I was in Elementary School…

Star Shot Photos – come middle school…it was even cooler to get wallet-size Star Shot pictures lol~~

7/11 – On our way home…me and my friends would always drop by 7/11 to get slurpees!!

Rollerblades – all time favorite outdoor activity~ rode em Everywhere!!

Wine and Cheese – This takes me back to Senior year Summer…Banff, Canada…where the drinking age is 18…and Shirley and Lillian had a little wine and cheese party in our room with Hayoung and Dohyoung two friends we made on the trip.

Tous Les Jours – my first actual part time job that I enjoyed lol ;] why i liked it so much? Because of the people I got to work with and the Pretty Pastries and Cakes too! This was the turning point in my life I believe…my fobbification process began here…hanging out with 언니 and 오빠들 ㅋㅋㅋ~ Thoroughly enjoyed my adventures…

Oreos – I usually don’t like Oreos but my Junior Year Winter Break…I packed a case of Oreos in my suitcase to Korea and believe it or not this became our (Angela and my) breakfast for three weeks lol!!!

K-town Cafes – of which I can draw a map of in my head…hahaha spent endless hours here and there with friends…family…strangers… ;]

Taxis, Subways, Buses – Forms of public transportation remind me of Korea ;P Where I learned how to use them for the first time ~ so efficient and convenient!!

Cold Weather – Winter fun…I love Winter!!!!!! Winter in Hawaii…Winter in New York…Winter in Korea…where to next?~

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head…will update my post as I’m reminded  of em ;]

….warm, happy thoughts…I’m ready to make more memories…


I have relatively keen olfactory senses…so different scents/smells give me a run for my memory

Espresso Coffee scent – reminds me of my Barista days at TLJ ;]

Dove Soap – reminds me of Disneyland…when I’d come home past midnight after a sweaty day at Disneyland and I’d lather myself in Dove and come out smelling so clean ;P

Cooked Fish – home sweet home…my momma would always make fish for us when we were young and it would stink up the whole house … but so good.

Tommy Hilfiger Perfume – brings me back to Winter in Korea at DMC

Versace Bright Crystal – New York!! Takes me back to winter break of my Sophomore year in New York!!~

  1. loved this post :\

    i think boxes of chocolates will now always remind of seung-gun ^^ how we tried all the flavors and semi-purposely left it in their hotel room cuz none of them were good kkkkkk

  2. ok im gonna try Memory Recall…

    loved this post! totally made me reminisce to the maxxxx

    MAJOR ditto on the 귤 and 밤s… i could eat a whole box of Cuties or Bluejays in one day i bet!!

    wow… i almost forgot 한글학교 used to give doughnuts!! the quality of the snacks significantly decreased over the years, don’t you think? by the time we left, every week was the same old lays and fritos >:/ (불평은 잔득하면서 그래도 그것도 잘만 챙겨 먹었지만… ^^;;)

    ahhh havent eating ichiban ramen in FOREVER!!! wow my mom used to add milk in it when we were REALLY little to cool it down so that we could eat it before it 뿔어’s. it sounds really weird but it’s actually delicious.

    lol i have a similar memory! except for me, it was carl’s jr. and my mom not my dad ^^;; how funny!

    i think boxes of chocolates will now always remind of seung-gun ^^ how we tried all the flavors and semi-purposely left it in their hotel room cuz none of them were good kkkkkk

    wow your 김치볶음밥 memory sounds so niceee kkk makes me wanna hurry up and go home and do that too kkkkk

    i remember you guys introduced me to lucas candy! thought it was so weird when i first saw it. i remember the kind that was kind of like a sauce? and it squeezed out this little tube with all these holes on top.

    DUDE. ROLLERBLADES LOL!!! omg i dont even know what happened to mine anymore. remember we used to always strap on all our gear and go to the little store on the corner in gardena? Aloha Mart~ kkk that was the era of warheads and crunch bars for us hahahhaa OMG i remember i used to have this weird obsession with melting my crunch bar in the sunlight and licking it off the wrapper. and u bonked my face into it while i was happily eating my finally-melted treat and i got a bloody nose. don’t think i forgot!!!!

    kk cute CD. love 구혜선!

    i still love oreos… i was actually craving some really bad yesterday. it must be a winter reflex for my body @.@ have u tried the mint creme kind? oh my,, we were so terrible during those weeks. fatty status every single day. you would think we would get sick of dessert and never be able to eat sweets again after everything we indulged in then. but no. NEVER! haha

    i totally miss public transportation too. well, except in winter waiting for the bus outside kind of sucked. but it would be sooo warm and toasty as soon you stepped in ❤ yea, by the last month, i think i just rode the taxis everywhere kkkkk ^^;;

    not gonna lie. your dove memory is kind of weird. did u go to disneyland a lot? hahhaha

    come to think of it, you're absolutely right. i don't think i ever eat cooked fish except when my mom makes it at home too.

  3. see why i was so frustrated?? LOL
    but i still really liked your post so i came back to recomment after i cooled off hehe!

    (i meant CF by the way, not CD. hehe)

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