Photograph :: Small Joys

In My Photography on November 22, 2009 at 3:58 pm

This BABY made my DAY!!~

Friday night after Berean meeting…as I was walking out of the conference room this little stud was standing in front holding a container of baby-crackers LOL

So I stooped down and made some baby-talk with him ahahaha

And he just stared at me for some time…then picked a cracker out from his stash and handed it to me ;]

ah!~~~ so CUTE!!~ kkk

Scenic views like these…also make me happy

…chopper parking only…all others will be crushed

kkk I have a strange sense of humor … ;}

random funny sign…

overlooking the residential…

Seafood Yaki Udon ;]

Miso Ramen


  1. Ahahaha~!!! Your pictures are getting better and better! The Yaki Udon makes me drool right now. =/ I am so paegooba~! Keke and the scenic views, where are these places? It’s so dreamy looking~~~! =P

  2. sepia looks nice~ :]

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