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In My eats, My fashion on November 20, 2009 at 9:13 am

Ah~ Thursdays are always cold…

…cuz I have to sit out in the cold and people-watch

These sessions usually last about 1-2 hours …

I can finally go home satisfied with the one shot I got

But before I go home…I always pick up Green milk tea w/ Boba…one hot one cold~

I get two because there’s always a special 2 for $3, whereas if I were to just get one it’d be $2.50 LOL

I always find someone to give it to…or drink both of em myself LOL!!!

Back to why I people-watch on Thursdays…I blog for BARE Magazine, which is a Fashion Magazine at UC Berkeley

Some of my previous “Street Style” models:

All so very different styles…

This Past Monday and Tuesday I was in San Francisco running around in preparation for the Photoshoot with Jennifer Newsom

Went to Christopher Collins‘ Boutique, Colleen Quen’s Atelier, Heidi Says Shoes to pick out outfits and shoes….

Christopher Collins…first designer I ever met in person if my memory serves me right…HE WAS FANTABULOUS!!~ By far the coolest and most personable designer I’ve met ;] lol He completely stripped away the stereotype I had about people in the fashion industry ~ Very down to earth and great personality!!

Next day…went to Fairmont Heritage Place where the photoshoot was scheduled to be…balla~~~ The suite was amazing…with a breathtaking view of the Bay

Some pieces I got a shot of….

Christopher Collins’ Designs

Heidi Says Shoes

The 2nd floor of the suite….which led to the rooftop

Kate and Erica….

Our photographer Erika ;] she was a sweetie

Then to Kara’s Cupcakes for a little treat ;]

The end…

  1. The pictures are great! Seemed like u had a lot of fun unni! I love it that you like fashion as much as I do..we should definitely do that fashion future get-together haha. I can’t wait to see you when you DECIDE *cough cough* to come back home haha~


  2. wow your pictures look so good! guess u had a lot of practice :]
    that’s so cool how you got to do this photo shoot thing!!!!
    우리 쉘리 드디어 출세했군하~~!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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