Thoughts :: Busy bee..

In My thoughts on November 13, 2009 at 5:03 pm

SO much to DO…but there are some things that keep me going…

1. Like my Youth Group kids ;] okay they’re not kids…7th-12th graders but they’re still kids to me ;P

I’m so blessed by them and I LOVE them SO SO much >_< Just wish I could do more for them… spend more time with them …get to know them better….and  just get super close to them ❤

2. BARE Magazine and Banana Republic…both of which fall under my inspiration for Fashion…

Although working at Banana takes a toll on my body and takes time away from my studies~ I really enjoy working with some of my co-workers…having awesome co-workers is REALLY truly a big blessing !

Photographing, writing posts for the Blog, and working on Photoshoot productions is Just plain FUN!! I’ve been assisting with the production of Bare Magazine’s Photoshoot for Jennifer Newsom, actress and first lady of SF, and there’s a lot of work but I really like the people I work with.

On that note…I was working at Banana Republic in SF and stumbled across a bracelet-band thing-a-ma-bob that said, “Do what you Love” ;] and it made me Happy ~

Let’s Do what we LOVE!~ Money, Prestige, Fame…mean nothing if I’m unhappy with my life ;]

3. My Lovely Senior Class…a special gift that God sent my way…<3 ❤ ❤

…It’s getting cold ;] wrap up and keep warm errbody!!

Picnic at the Marina!!



  1. you’re doing a photoshoot with jennifer newsom?! danggg girll!!!!! congratulations!!!!! ^0^

    i didnt know u had to work at the SF branch too… is it harder?

  2. It was only one day. They had a power close which meant we had to do Major perfectionist folding and get the store looking pristine ;]

    Yup 😉 I’m excited for the photoshoot…hope it goes well

  3. I like how you appreciate the smaller things in life and you seemed so inspired by everything, it makes me happy to read this post ahah~! My unni is sooo weird in a cute way I lavvvv you oh so muchos~!


    your bernice kekeke ❤

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