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In My thoughts on November 3, 2009 at 6:31 am

History of my Cameras…

Where to start….so my first photo-taking device was actually a small little web-cam-like thingy that I saw on the Home Shopping Network…you know the ones where they try to convince you to buy their product…yeah…they convinced me alright -_-;; A gullible Middle Schooler I was ;[

After an unsuccessful run with the dinky web-cam I decided to move to bigger waters…and got myself a Sony DSC-U10

Sony-inhand Sony-DSC-U10

It was so small and portable and cute…but that’s about it…[this was when mini-technology was IN]

I could barely see the pictures on the tiny LCD screen and it was overall quite unpractical…so I sold it to my dad for $50 LOL!!!

I was so sheisty as a kid…hmmm… actually “business-minded” would be a better description ;P

Then I saved up to buy myself the…

Canon Powershot SD10!! WOohoo!! Now we’re talking!!

Canon-inhand CanonSD10

My dearest and most well-served Camera…It went with me through all of High School and the beginning of College

And I still have it to this day (though its been sitting in my drawer for 3 years) in perfect working condition…although the battery life is not as long as before  ;]

When I came to College I had to catch up with the rapidly advancing technology…and after much hesitation…decided to put my Canon to rest and reached for the Casio Exilim EX-Z75…


LOVED the Big Screen…A drastic change from my last two cameras…not to mention the first one that didn’t have a screen to start with ;P

Snap Snap Snapped away my first three years of College life with this stud…but a little too much snapping must have worn him out >_< although it still took great pictures…the shutter button wasn’t as responsive as before and the reaction time was a tad bit too slow for my liking…There were just one-too-many great photo-moments lost because of these malfunctions ;[

I could have continued to use it but…what spurred me to invest in a new Mama was my 3-month trip to Korea this past Summer… How could I afford to NOT capture all my precious moments!! So I convinced myself to go to the electronic store and buy a Samsung camera…might as well…because I’m in Korea ;P … but who would’ve thought those salespeople would be so darn persuasive >_< I guess my gullibility hasn’t worn off yet… next thing you know… I was walking out with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-Tz3 >_< (which has been featured in my blog several times before)


… I ended up in LOVE with this CAMERA!!!!! It was the biggest Baddest Picture Taking Machine that I ever used !!

I didn’t go ANYWHERE without it~ no no no that would be like a Momma leaving her infant at home @o@ okay…a bit extreme…but get the point…

The pictures posted from Korea are all credited to this fella right here ;] … but unfortunately there’s no happy ending to this story… dun dun dun T_T

On a very special night…as I was getting out of my car…Mr. Lumix fainted on the floor…but I didn’t realize the extent of this damage until a week later when I tried to turn him on …. and that’s how I broke my first Camera. I’ve been looking for a Camera-Hospital to figure out what went wrong and if at all they’d be able to revive Lumix…but my search only continues…

I’ve been Camera-less for several weeks now…hmmm has it been over a month? GAH!! and I feel handicapped…

And after a couple of weeks of thinking…contemplating…research and some all-nighters…

I have decided to get a Canon EOS 500D/ Rebel T1i …


…currently awaiting its arrival…which is due this Thursday ;]

Now I can sleep soundly … 5:15 am… time to K.O.

Oh! and I will be making photo posts at very soon…

So come and enjoy 😉

  1. OOOH 🙂 you can take lots of nice pictures in new york!! ❤

  2. ahahah im glad i got to see your new bad boy the other night!

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