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In My thoughts on November 2, 2009 at 9:33 pm
What the future holds for me I will never know ;P
No matter how much I plan…no matter how passionate I become for a certain something…someone…or someplace…
It’s about time I realize that… I’m never going to be struck by lightning and all-of-a-sudden have super duper future powers like that one T.V. show “It’s Raven”… (LOL just googled it and it’s actually “That’s so Raven”)
So I decided to just enjoy life…and that’s how it’s been for the past 21 years of my life
My motto: Worrying about life only shortens the amount of time I have to ENJOY it…and worrying is pretty darn irrational ;]
But lately…I’ve been quite IRRATIONAL…and WORRYING about LIFE!! Like it’s going to fix things xP
I want to be carefree again…
Life is so much more FUN when I get to DREAM and let my imagination run wild ;]
Caution: Side effects include disappointment…
But my dreams keep me sane… and thinking about the possibilities makes me tingly inside… ^^
The best part about not knowing what the future holds in store for me is that…I get to rely on God ;]
Just another reminder that he’s holding onto the steering wheel…and all I have to do is step on the accelerator…
Sometimes I get scared and hit the breaks because my vision gets obstructed…or it looks like the car in the next lane is about to swerve into mine…but that’s just silly (that makes me VERY silly) because he’s the all time Champion of Races!! 😉 Thank goodness he knows how dumb I am lol….
In this race…he even made me a personal Carpool Lane [“Minimum Capacity – Shelly Park”] and all I have to do is hit the gas ;]
(…unlike the BAY BRIDGE Carpool lane….it’s open 24 Hours…not M-F 5-10am and 3-7pm -_-;;)
Yup! that’s right!! I’m rolling with JESUS at full speed ;] vroom vroom hahaha!!~


Shelly's Ride
My Life has been a search for that perfect place… a search that has brought me great struggles and disappointment… but what keeps me on top is his promise ;]
mmhmmm…So Good~
Did you know!?!?
You have your own Carpool lane too 😉
Hope you find it…once you’re in…the solid double yellow lines never fade ;]
Enjoy the ride!!
Wishing you God-speed ;]

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