Thoughts :: Lovely Friends…

In My thoughts on October 25, 2009 at 6:55 pm

I am so blessed with beautiful friends!~~

Inside and out~ all so very beautiful ;] heeheehee

I think i very much take for granted how blessed I am ~

God places SO many great people around me seriously!!

I feel kind of selfish…lol…I wish i could just take them all around in my purse and share them teeheehee….


My Mom, Dad and Sis came up to Berkeley to surprise me yesterday TT_TT

SO Happy !! We had dinner at Sushi House with a bunch of my lovely chingoos!!

Arrubyoo all ❤ ❤ ❤

2nd round at Playground … hahaha


Today’s status: sick… OTL

But today is a special day ;] Joyce, Ivy and Sarah Cha’s Baptism/Confirmation

Congratulations Lovely ladies!!!

Had to leave early >_< Took a nap and felt much better ;]

Thank you Roomies for taking care of me ;P



I’ve been: trying to sew my own clothes 😉 LOL Still need lots of practice^^ My Goal is to eventually make a dress ;]

I want to: make time to finish watching Project Runway ;]

Obsessed with: IRIS !! byung hun ah~~~~

  1. you were sick?!?! oh nooooo :[[[[[[

  2. i totally jacked your layout. hahah.

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