Travel :: 마지막…the end

In My travels on October 10, 2009 at 1:56 am

My last days in Korea~~

This last post will sum up the end of my trip

A Bittersweet finale ;]

So here goes ;p

Hongdae cafe….I don’t think I noted the name of this place

We had strawberry Sangria ~

Delicious 😉


Strawberry Sangria here~~~~

and Pretzels ^^

Sangria my drink

Shin oppa dropped me off in his Car ~

Super cool!! Driver’s seat was on the right!!

It was imported from Japan 😉

DriverSeat-right Shin's Car

Before our Final for our International economics class

Suji, Bernie, Leah and I went to 가로수길 (ga-ro-soo-gil)

A Chic street with BOutiques and unique restaurants, cafes, lounges and bars

We went to a very modern looking cafe with lots of good looking people lounging around also ;]

가로수길 BIG CAfe

Next stop was…

Apkujung F.A.S (Fruit Alcohol Shop)

Ballin interior design~

Me and Leah with our cute apple Soju shots ;P

F.A.S. apkujung

Our International Economics class!! woot woot

Econ Class

Caffe Bonne ~

They had the biggest baddest bingsoo !! 😉



With Nikko! Our end of the semester party!~

Representing Berkeley!!


Night before Leah’s departure T_T

At the “술 파는 꽃집” that wasn’t as great as I hyped it up to be T_T sad…

But the first time I went it was super good~


Ann House…

Our after-club event…

Resting our poor little feet heeheehee

Ann House

At the Airport!!~

Goodbye LEAH!!! T_T

Airport Leah Bye


And his Amazing hotel room!!~ Balla~!!!

Man's Mansion Dick Lounging

Richard = 임창정

compliment? lol

Dr. Fish Cafe

Lotte World ~

Ice Skating!!! Super fun~~~

Ommurice ice skating Lotte

Bau Haus~

A dog cafe in Hongdae!! Love the pups!!! ❤

Dog Cafe

Youngwoo 오빠’s Birthday!! 😉

Youngwoo bday

하루 Izakaya

they gave us 서비스~

Some salmon appetizers 😉

salmon stuff

This is how I ended my last night in Korea!!

WOW….time flies….Life goes on….

Back in the States…I will continue to blog about my random adventures

Hope you enjoyed ;]


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