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In My travels on October 1, 2009 at 1:44 pm

Updating my blog once again…

This is just a continuation of my trip to Korea

So below is something like Brick toast from “11ses” a coffee shop right next to Beantage ;]

We decided to go here one day cuz it was cute…and they had good service and all…but we are devoted to Beantage ;] kkk

Toast @ 11ses

That’s ME~ with a face mask and a Yonsei Hockey Jersey I got as a present from my Friend “범진”

Bernice and I were up late making use of our face packs and i think doing our nails too~ kkk~

Fun ;]

Yonsei Ice Hockey


The day before they left to Cambodia they made it out to Ehwa University area to meet up

We went to eat at 안동찜닭 mighty delicious 😉


Coffee Prince Cafe from the drama…Coffee Prince lol

It wasn’t anything special~ looked like a regular cafe…

coffee prince cafe

Made our way to HongDae~

Walked along the Cafe street !! Love it here

Everything is so ARTSY~ 😉

hongdae cafe street

NRB~ “수 Luxury 노래방”

Came in to SING SING SING 😉

Luxury NRB

An underground walkway with really interesting Graffiti~

This is Definitely HongDae Territory~

all dem art students who don’t have enough money to buy canvasses…

really know how to utilize their resources ;]


HongDae Subway Station…

Bernice and her pups 😉 SO CUTE!!!!!!!


Crowded Stairway…going out of Hongdae Subway Station Exit #5 I believe

It’s always crowded like this on the weekends ~

crowded Subway

선유도 공원~!!! This Park is FAMOUS!! SO BIG~ and lot’s to see

I even got to write my name on the wall 😉 yayuh!!

선유도 공원 배 graffiti

Next was 유람선…A big boat that takes you along the Han RIver 😉

Pirate of the Caribbean was the name of the boat i believe…

유람선 유람선2

Beautiful Sunset!!!~

breathtaking sunset

SInchon…. A small hole in the wall Ramyun Restaurant 😉

Really yummy and affordable 😉

ramyun place in sinchon ramyun house

Not much of a Ramyun fan…so i got flat mandu (potstickers) and ddukbokki~!!!

mandu and ddukbokki

Junco~ NRB in Gangnam that serves food 😉

태원, 준, 리아, 버니스, 수지, 히로오빠~ Party Party

Junco NRB

FRO-YO 😉 yummy at yogurberry in front of school 😉


치우 in SInchon~

Nice Lounge 😉 with delicious fruit Soju cocktails

Fruit anjoo

Bernice and Muah~

Serious FACE 😉

Sinchon Bar


치후 Bar

Bernice~ Ice cream Queen 😉

Ice Cream Queen


Rachel and Jack~

Kimchi making Kimchi

Salad at P&B ~ they have yummy pasta!!

P&B salad

BEANTAGE~ Bernice on the COmputer with the Cutest earphones!!! 😉


Dankook University Bear statue…with us models in the forefront ;]

Dankook Univ Bear + models

OUr afterparty 😉

새우깡 and Banana MILK ;]

the best!!!

Post-club eats

TIred….suzzie and Leah

Susie Leah

Our presentation group ;] Deborah, Minji, Taeseok, and Corinne

Group Presentation

JinHo with the Apron 😉 at 닭갈비집 😉


Omelet at Shinsaegae


Cute Cafe Menu~ They have a cute/romantic verse for each item ;]

Book Cafe was the name ~

Cute Cafe menu Book Cafe Book Cafe 2

Apkujung Wara Wara….

We Accidentally ordered Chicken Gizzard T_T…never get that!!!

Wara Wara Apkujung Chicken Gizzard noodly stuff

Last night with 태원오빠 and 성민오빠 😉 off to Military service for one month 😉

군대 가는 성민 and 태원 오빠

At Jinho 오빠’s House 😉

We had yummy 짜장면 and 탕수육 delivered~

I LOVE delivery Service!!

Chinese FOod Korean style lol

Last but not least~

Our presentation group!!

Dressing up as Tajikistan natives ;]

Group Central Asia

Still got more to come…


  1. loving all the food pictures! yummyyy xD

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