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In My travels on September 7, 2009 at 10:58 pm

Wowzerz~ it’s been a while since I’ve updated kkk~

Well I’m back in the States now ;] but I just wanted to update and reminisce 😉

Here goes~

오댕탕!! At Wara Wara in Gangnam~

Met up with Esther and and Stella and had some Watermelon Soju and this stuff~

I like ;]


Then went to NRB “수” luxury Karaoke

These are personal mikes for VIP members!!! ahahahahah!!!!!!!!

A wall of personalized mikes ~ ridiculous!!!


희종 and 경욱~ ㅋㅋ

In Gangnam again~

희 경

Three of my Students!!!  Having Lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in front of School ~


More Student outings~

This time at Apkujung 😉

진호 and 진우~ ㅋㅎㅎ! Gotta love these two Architect Majors 😉


At Baskin Robbins 😉


Jinwoo with my Glasses T_T


EKang and Stella ~ Ran into them while walking around Sinchon 😉

ekang stella

Met up with Sopee and other Berkeley People 😉


Myungdong~ In front of ABC Mart kkk~


My Students took me to a Baseball game ~ haha

My first time in Korea~ These fans go Buck Wild!!! It was so FUN!!!~

I usually don’t like Baseball games but this one was SUPERB!!~


They even make us wear these ridiculous bags over our heads kkk~

I enjoyed it though heeheehee


On the Subway 😉 with Bernice, Faith, and Leah~

On our way to Apkujung!!!

subway in motion

Me, Jasmine and Leah got our helix all pierced together 😉 kk~

helix poopd

Ah~ what an eventful few days …

More to come ;]


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