Travel :: June 17 – 19

In My travels on June 24, 2009 at 2:06 am

The day we came back from 용편 as soon as I got off the bus~ I got a text from Robert saying that there was a Soccer Ga,e

So WHere did I go?! TO THE WORLD CUP STADIUM!~ THis is where i came 😉 with all my luggage~

Phil, Rosa, ROb and Me~ Watching from the conference Room ~~~~ Thanks ROB!!!

World CUp Conference Room stadium P1000638 players

I LOVE 이청용!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Next Day~

Thursday, June 18

Went to 명동 to meet Ezra and Peter! 😉

P1000643 P1000644 P1000645

Ezra and Peter in the make-up store 😉 putting some make-up on

나 이뽀?~ ㅋㅋ

make up store

Peter and the cool bird cage


Peter was unhappy with the menu at O’sulloc Tea House T_T

So very Picky!!!~ But he finished hiw green tea freddo ;]

Peter n his Green tea fredo

Ezra hitting on his Tea Lady ^_^ lol

Tea lady <3 Ezra

Looking Cute 😉

O'sulloc Tea House

Friday, June 19

Met up with Cheryl, Christine and Traci in Gangnam 😉

Went to Angus for Dinner ~

P1000664 @ Angus

Yummy 치즈헤물떡복끼  와 탕수육

탕수육 헤물떡복기

수 노래방 😉 퐈티 퐈티!! It was SUPER FUN!!!!!!! 😉

수 노래방 NRB

Cheryl!!!~  NRB queen 😉


  1. wow how did u get to watch from the conference room?? hookups~~ ^^
    dude isnt osulloc so overpriced?? i went there with ray and glo once and we were unhappy too hahaha the tea is cute though :]

  2. ahh looks like so much funnnnnnnn. i love you photos too. keep blogging! (:

  3. SHELLY! i love your blog!!! if you see cheryl soon, give her a BIG BIG BIG hug for me please!!! ❤ and keep onnnn posstinn ❤

  4. seems like you guys are having a BLAST 🙂

  5. dude, i miss hitting on korean ladies.

    enjoy your time, shellz.

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