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In My travels on June 9, 2009 at 7:13 am

One Saturday afternoon …

Today’s location 대학로~ [translates to College Road?] It’s basically a hot spot for young college students

They are known for their numerous plays and theatrical presentations ;]

There are so many ticket venders trying to persuade people to come watch their show! There are so Persistent! One of the guys gave us his number to call him so he can sell us tickets ~ whew…finally got away from him

Decided to watch a parody called “oops” but had to grab some food before we went in 😉

Starving~!! ended up at a do-it-yourself restaurant…and had yummy very spicy 떡복끼 ㅋㅋㅋ

Christine Traci

ooh~ looks yummy huh ;]~~~ Spicy rice cake and ramen


Went to our play 😉 oops~~~ ;]

Was funny ~ ;] all the characters were funny looking too~ ahahah!!


Next up…

Went to a Fruits Soju Cafe…

Christine 이쁘니~

Traci 자기~ 이뽀! ! !

me My Apple cup!~ take the top off and use it was a cup 😉 cute ey!~

We ordered 떡갈비 호박찜~ Steamed pumpkin stuffed with Galbi and Rice cake~ ooh la la~

Looks BOMB huh! But it had a very unique taste to it…chipotle as stated by Traci lol!~

applesoju hobak hobak2


Don’t have pictures for this day -_-;; cuz I didn’t take my camera

But what an eventful night it was 😉

Met up with Christine at 11pm in front of Gangnam Giordano~ and made our way to NB…Noise Basement

Walked in casually…@0@ OMG~ There’s NO ONE!!!! T_T

Devastated and frustrated…ah!!!!!! We were utterly dejected but decided to wait a little…30 min goes by…. an hour… still pretty empty…some random guy is sleeping next to us…literally Knocked out with his mouth open >_<

Gotta at least get our money’s worth and dance a bit… did i mention the music was BAD too! T_T;; why!~~~~~

Slowly but surely more and more people came and it was packed in no time ;] Yayuh!!

Unbelievably poor music … me and Christine were so desperate we went to request a better song… but enjoyed ourselves nevertheless~

We were supposed to leave earlier…but ended up leaving at 4am kkk

Luckily I took one picture with my Phone…4am in front of NB ;]

Club NB 6.7.09

I went to 김밥천국 and had 라뽁끼~ [i literally eat some sort of ricecake dish everyday~ LOL]

Got home at 7am and K.O.’d till 12pm…

Woke up at noon and showered…everything I wore yesterday smelled like smoke~ eek! that’s one thing i don’t like !! Errbody smokes WAY TOO Much here~

Got ready and went on to Dankook University’s campus for the first time… -_-;; steeper than Berkeley’s Campus

Korean girls amaze me~ they can strut it uphill in heels like a piece of cake…props to you girls!

Then I left for Myungdong to meet up with Traci…

On my bus ride to 명동 I had my Brunch kekeke…

찰떡쿠키~ mmmhhmmm ;]


Finally…arrived at Myungdong and got to shop around with Traci…

We even grabbed some delicious Yogurt Ice cream in a cone 😉

Traci…choc/plain swirl ~ Me…green tea heeheehee mine is drooping kkk

ice cream cream

This is OG street food~  working hard all night long!~


After lots of walking and bargaining…came into Coffee Bean to rest our tired toes ;]

Me with my new glasses ;] and my funny bag ~


Traci Dearest ❤ < 3 ❤  뷔 라인!!


Tiramisu Strawberry Chocolate cheesecake

DINNER TIME…Phillip and Rob!

Went to 혜물떡찜 place~ Spicy again!! I think my stomach lining has officially been damaged from all this spicy food I’ve been consuming~ gah! but it’s so Delicioso~!!!

P1000214 P1000218

Mainstreet Myungdong!


Next Course…

Namsan!!~ Waiting in line to get into the Cable Car…

namsan namsan2

The Night View from the cable car~ 뷰티풀 ;]

cablecar city view

Boys over Flowers anybody?

The very coffee vending machine Jandi and JoonPyo used 😉

coffee Geum Jandi gat na? LOL

Strike…a…Pose…. ;]


Namsan Tower~~ ❤

With the locks…Phil has been converted…officially FOB 😉




Goo Joon Pyo…waiting for his Jandi~


Reenacting JoonPyo’s “I’m cold…but I must wait for Jandi” Scene 😉 kkk

Waiting for my JoonPyo~

Let’s take a sip of that coffee !! Cheers~!

F4coffee Jandi's Coffee

FUN at Namsan~ ;]

Plans for tomorrow…decided to go to 수산시장…live fish market

Scheduled to meet at 7AM for King Crab…raw flounder…Jumbo Shrimp…Crazy…

So that means ALL-Nighter for me~

Took the Subway to Dongdaemun…Major shopping district that opens til 5am…

Shopped til 2am…went to Megabox to watch a movie… “Angels and Demons”

Theater was empty…with the exception of a few people… I was the only one by myself though hahaha!!! ❤ ❤

P1000267 Megabox

Snapping away In the theater 😉

2am Movie P1000280

RAIN!!! What greeted me as I walked out of the movies~


Found a cafe at 4am and had some coffee and tiramisu…wasn’t that great…T_T;;

P1000283 dabang coffee

Taking pictures from the Cafe … need to kill time!!

rain pooped

Subway to 노량진역…cool


수산시장!!!!~ This place is HUGE!!!!! Seafood….seafood and more seafood

fishmarket fishy

P1000303 octopus

Picked out what we wanted and they cut it up there for us!

Live flounder ===> Dead flounder…

looks better dead 😉 tastes better too kkk

live flounder flounder

breakfast P1000309

King Crab~

and Jumbo Shrimp 😉

hehehe~ got free Jumbo shrimps from the ajushi kkk 😉 Just used a lil bit of 애교 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~!!!

KingCrab JumboShrimp

We are Beasts…seafood for breakfast…

What an adventure…pooped now…need rest ❤ ❤ ❤

  1. shelly u went clubbing on a sunday night?! LOLL!!!! oh man you guys are funny… xD hey you know better than to go in a club before 12, no wonder it was empty! omg i can’t believe u pulled an all nighter like that by yourself! looks like you had fun though ^^ that flounder looks delicious… hahaha i love the “[i literally eat some sort of ricecake dish everyday~ LOL]” hahahah! sounds like the LIFE! wish i coulda had some of that jandi/junpyo coffee T.T miss youuuu

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