Travel :: My first Week in Korea

In My travels on June 4, 2009 at 10:46 am

First day –

Flew in and checked in to Lotte Hotel…Then met up with Sophie at Gangnam and went to ‘Angus’ and had 해물떡찜 ;] kkk

ah forgot to take pictures at ‘Angus’ but this is the view from the hotel room…

Lotte Hotel view

Second Day…

Met Traci and Sophie in Gangnam  😉

Sophie took us to 나무그늘…which is famous for having Dr. Fish

Dr. Fish eat the dead skin cells off our feet…so ticklish…feels funny…Sophie would do this ;]

Dr. FishDr. Fish 2

Then we went to a Japanese-ish place for dinner…

Ordered 해물닭찜 and some pancake with lots of ONIONS in it … and Soju…but they didn’t even card us -_-;;


Dinner dinner2

After a long….yummy…dinner and lot’s of WATER!! We went out to walk the streets of Gangnam on a Jammin Thursday Night 😉 hahahaha~

Walked around and saw the long line of people waiting in line to pay respects to 노무현…Korea’s ex-president T_T;;

Thinking of what to do…when we saw a sign in front of MASS, a club, that lured our eyes (mostly mine -_-;;) with a sign that said “Thursday’s Ladies Night” which means~ FREE for us!!!

We walked past the club like 3 times at least…wondering whether we should go in or not and finally…teeheehee we went in and yes we were carded 😉 puahahaha~ 아직도 어리단마리쥐~ (we still look young ^_^) kkk… jk…they always card no matter what ~

So we go in at 10ish – 11ish…Empty as expected… Worse is…there’s these skinny looking guys in black on the dance floor… most likely hired by the club… trying to set the mood~ eerrr… Not working T_T Step aside boys~ ya’ll gotta learn how to dance~ ghahaha… not that I can do any better but…that was seriously the most awkward clubbing experience ever~ pahahaha!!!! But we had fun right…Sophie? Traci? no? I did~ dancing by myself is always fun 😉 LOL

Day 3…

Lost my way getting to Hanyang University to meet Sophie, Traci and Sarah~ ah… what a Long~~~~ ride

But got to campus finally…two hours late hahaha!! and got a iced green tea latte and walked around ;]

Then met some 쌍큼이’s~ Sarah’s friends….so young and Fresh! ahahaha~ Traci loved em’ kkk

Then Traci, Sophie and I went to 광화문~ cuz sopee had an appointment ^o^ and me and Traci shopped around at the 문구점~ there’s so many cool things/gadgets/stationary stuff in Korea!!!~

Then we walked out to the streets…to be greeted by tons of Police men…like hordes of em’ in blue uniforms~ they all looked really young though…좀 멋 있었어~ ㅋㅋㅋ They were there for RohMooHyun’s Burial i believe T_T;;

Me and Traci went into Paris Croissant and had some Bingsoo and I ate Bbang 😉 yummy~~~ Until Sophie came and joined us hehehe We chatted for some time~ fun fun like ajummas

Then on our way back home on the subway station…I dropped by to look for a camera to buy and ended up buying one… -_-;; I wasn’t planning on spending so much but that camera man was so persuasive -__-;; ah… that man ripped me off !!! but i can’t do anything now…gotta enjoy my camera … it works really well though 😉

SO the haggling story…. I was like emm that’s way too expensive … and he cut it down like $20 and i was like hecks no! and he was like fine…if you buy me dinner then i’ll cut it down somemore…and he cut $30 more… me being the stupid person said…okay that sounds alright…but now that i think of it…I paid WAY too much!!!! grrrrrrrrr~ 억울해! Dinner is set for Sunday…gah!

Panasonic Camera

Day 4…

Couldn’t sleep all night yesterday night…so basically pulled an all-nighter…

In the morning bused it to E-mart to buy household supplies…I love going to the market ;] kkkk

Had a hard time carrying everything back ~ reminded me of my Freshmen year at Berkeley…busing it to Safeway kkk

In the afternoon Bused it to Gangnam to meet my cousin and his family~

hoon 준

훈이오빠, 준환이, 언니

Went to Misari to eat at this Gogi-jib 😉

Misari gogi swings me n Jun

Day 5…

slept over at 훈이오빠’s place…more like K.O….

woke up and went to COEX and watched “Night at the Museum II”… wow…can’t believe I watched that.

Then ate at TGIF with Junee~~ and had Baskin Robbins…JunHwan loves Baskin Ahjushi kkkk~

FAmBAM Junee

Day 6…

Traci and I went to get our Eyelashes done 😉 I fell asleep there…and Traci just listened to me sleep…LOL

Then we went to Holly’s Coffee to wait for Sophie~ Had some Yummy Tiramisu, Machiatto and Yujacha Freeze

Traci coffee

Then Sophie finally came and we went to CGV to watch ‘Mother’ 마더… with 원빈 ㅋㅋㅋ


Dinner at Shabu Shabu in Gangnam … again kkk

shabushabu shabu2

2 차 at Red Mango~ Wow… haven’t been there in three years~ good good yogurt

yogurt redmango sopee 와그러노~ 인상풀어라!

3차…Piano Bar

Had some cocktails~ Peach Crush…Chi Chi…forgot what Sophie got heehee basically was just Juice

Traci chichi

Day 7…

Skin Care ;] which I’ve been postponing for a week…finally went in today~

SkinCare skincare2

So refreshing~ Felt so clean afterwards ;] … note to self…wash face more often hahahaha -_-;; jk

Then I took the subway back to Gangnam Station and went shopping 😉 Bought a bunch of cute stuff 😉 I’ll post em later

Then went to eat 😉 Grabbed a roll of Tuna Kimbap and went to Paris Croissant to Chill and rest and eat…

bbang kimbap

My living quarters ;]~~~~ A minute in front of Campus~ I feel like a real Korea Student…

My 고시원 …

고시원 부억

That is all…a weeks worth of Excitement~

More to come ;]

❤ ❤ ❤

Blogging from Korea


  1. Woohoo great blog! Hope that you continue blogging shelly belly! 🙂 Are u doing studying abroad?

    -eric kim

  2. 지지배..혼자서 그렇게 잼있게 놀고있다니! 나랑 두희는 어떻하라고 ): ㅋㅋㅋ 그래도 너라도 한국에서 좋은시간 많이 보내고있는걸 보니 나도 기분이 좋다 (: 항상 조심하고 잘생긴 남자랑도 한번사겨봐! 그렇다고 얼굴만 보지말고! ㅎㅎㅎ (; 암튼 또 놀러올게!<3

    p.s come visit my blog too! i just made it the other day.

  3. i love your room and the kitchen is so cute too! everything looks very clean and new :]
    you all look so pretty ❤

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