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Fashion :: simple…how i like it

In My fashion on December 6, 2009 at 4:29 am

A plain white shirt…

and a perfect pair of jeans…

I’ve gone through a number of fashion phases…Boyish…Boho…Sporty…Fobby…Sophisticated

but I’ll always keep these two pieces in my closet…a white shirt and a pair of jeans

Love it…


Thoughts :: Look what I found…

In My thoughts on December 3, 2009 at 4:31 pm

In the women’s restroom in Wheeler….

Scribbled in one of the stalls…the topic was “My Secret…”

yes…I sat on the toilet and read them all -_-;;

The topics consisted mainly of…Love…Depression…Hopelessness…

hmmm…there are so many unhappy people at this University…We’re supposed to be the privileged people in our society…but these people sounded so empty and lost…not knowing why they were working so hard and for what…

Next time I’ll bring a sharpie and share with them my secret ;] … How they can find Joy in Life

On my way to class…

Saw this cute tree :p

Winters a comin~~ Wee~~~~~~~

One more day of School left. Oh Em Gee @_@

Thoughts :: My senses are tingling

In My thoughts on December 1, 2009 at 1:17 am

I love the little things that remind me of my childhood…

Food for thought:

Tangerines and Chestnuts  –  Every Winter my mom, my sister and I would lie down in front of the TV, pull a big blanket over ourselves and peel a whole box of tangerines and stuff ourselves while waiting for our dad to roast chestnuts ;] yummm

Sugar coated doughnuts – Every Saturday my sister and I would go to Korean School and they would always serve doughnuts during snack time…there were So many varieties but me being the indecisive child that I was…always ended up getting the sugar-coated-doughnut after much contemplation. Converted to Jelly doughnuts after Angela persuaded me to try them once ahahhaha!!

Ichiban Ramen – This brings me back to my middle school days…when I was not a fan of spicy foods…Ichiban was the perfect alternative…a savory ramyun that was quick and easy

Jack in the Box – This was a treat that my Dad always got for us after school. Once a week or so…me and my sister would coax our Dad (easily persuaded) to take us to Jack in the Box and we’d always…Always get the “Spicy Chicken Sandwich” meal with CURLY fries LOL!!!~ gosh so fatty and I always wondered why I’d get so Sleepy after finishing that monstrous meal hahaha

Chili-cheese Fries from Steve’s – another one of my artery clogging foods ;P This was a tradition for LMSS (Lillian, Michelle, Shelly, Shirley) after church on Sundays…a large order of chili-cheese fries and we were good to go ;] kkk

Assorted See’s Candy Chocolate Box – My Dad would bring home boxes of these and I’d go through all of em taking a bite out of each and putting them back in the box if I didn’t like the flavor ;p heehee

김치볶음밥 aka Kimchi Fried Rice – On Saturday mornings my mom would wake me and my sister up to eat brunch…and she’d make us the best 김치볶음밥 ever!! We’d place the pan full of fried rice on the table and eat together while watching Korean dramas ;] oh how I miss these days…

Lucas Candy – from the Ice Cream Truck~ We’d run out of the house and catch the ice cream truck lined with kids from the neighborhood…exchange a quarter or two for some Lucas watermelon candy!! Yummy!!~

More Memories…

Sticker Pictures – this was the cool thing to do when I was in Elementary School…

Star Shot Photos – come middle school…it was even cooler to get wallet-size Star Shot pictures lol~~

7/11 – On our way home…me and my friends would always drop by 7/11 to get slurpees!!

Rollerblades – all time favorite outdoor activity~ rode em Everywhere!!

Wine and Cheese – This takes me back to Senior year Summer…Banff, Canada…where the drinking age is 18…and Shirley and Lillian had a little wine and cheese party in our room with Hayoung and Dohyoung two friends we made on the trip.

Tous Les Jours – my first actual part time job that I enjoyed lol ;] why i liked it so much? Because of the people I got to work with and the Pretty Pastries and Cakes too! This was the turning point in my life I believe…my fobbification process began here…hanging out with 언니 and 오빠들 ㅋㅋㅋ~ Thoroughly enjoyed my adventures…

Oreos – I usually don’t like Oreos but my Junior Year Winter Break…I packed a case of Oreos in my suitcase to Korea and believe it or not this became our (Angela and my) breakfast for three weeks lol!!!

K-town Cafes – of which I can draw a map of in my head…hahaha spent endless hours here and there with friends…family…strangers… ;]

Taxis, Subways, Buses – Forms of public transportation remind me of Korea ;P Where I learned how to use them for the first time ~ so efficient and convenient!!

Cold Weather – Winter fun…I love Winter!!!!!! Winter in Hawaii…Winter in New York…Winter in Korea…where to next?~

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head…will update my post as I’m reminded  of em ;]

….warm, happy thoughts…I’m ready to make more memories…


I have relatively keen olfactory senses…so different scents/smells give me a run for my memory

Espresso Coffee scent – reminds me of my Barista days at TLJ ;]

Dove Soap – reminds me of Disneyland…when I’d come home past midnight after a sweaty day at Disneyland and I’d lather myself in Dove and come out smelling so clean ;P

Cooked Fish – home sweet home…my momma would always make fish for us when we were young and it would stink up the whole house … but so good.

Tommy Hilfiger Perfume – brings me back to Winter in Korea at DMC

Versace Bright Crystal – New York!! Takes me back to winter break of my Sophomore year in New York!!~

Photograph :: Small Joys

In My Photography on November 22, 2009 at 3:58 pm

This BABY made my DAY!!~

Friday night after Berean meeting…as I was walking out of the conference room this little stud was standing in front holding a container of baby-crackers LOL

So I stooped down and made some baby-talk with him ahahaha

And he just stared at me for some time…then picked a cracker out from his stash and handed it to me ;]

ah!~~~ so CUTE!!~ kkk

Scenic views like these…also make me happy

…chopper parking only…all others will be crushed

kkk I have a strange sense of humor … ;}

random funny sign…

overlooking the residential…

Seafood Yaki Udon ;]

Miso Ramen


Fashion :: Thursdays

In My eats, My fashion on November 20, 2009 at 9:13 am

Ah~ Thursdays are always cold…

…cuz I have to sit out in the cold and people-watch

These sessions usually last about 1-2 hours …

I can finally go home satisfied with the one shot I got

But before I go home…I always pick up Green milk tea w/ Boba…one hot one cold~

I get two because there’s always a special 2 for $3, whereas if I were to just get one it’d be $2.50 LOL

I always find someone to give it to…or drink both of em myself LOL!!!

Back to why I people-watch on Thursdays…I blog for BARE Magazine, which is a Fashion Magazine at UC Berkeley

Some of my previous “Street Style” models:

All so very different styles…

This Past Monday and Tuesday I was in San Francisco running around in preparation for the Photoshoot with Jennifer Newsom

Went to Christopher Collins‘ Boutique, Colleen Quen’s Atelier, Heidi Says Shoes to pick out outfits and shoes….

Christopher Collins…first designer I ever met in person if my memory serves me right…HE WAS FANTABULOUS!!~ By far the coolest and most personable designer I’ve met ;] lol He completely stripped away the stereotype I had about people in the fashion industry ~ Very down to earth and great personality!!

Next day…went to Fairmont Heritage Place where the photoshoot was scheduled to be…balla~~~ The suite was amazing…with a breathtaking view of the Bay

Some pieces I got a shot of….

Christopher Collins’ Designs

Heidi Says Shoes

The 2nd floor of the suite….which led to the rooftop

Kate and Erica….

Our photographer Erika ;] she was a sweetie

Then to Kara’s Cupcakes for a little treat ;]

The end…

Thoughts :: Been a while

In My thoughts on November 15, 2009 at 7:30 am

It’s 5:30am…

I’ve been up since yesterday and I feel good ;]

Been a long time since I’ve had time to myself ~

Today after work I went on a stroll along Bay Street and took some pictures and came home

I plopped myself on the living room floor … which I turned into a semi-bed with layers of blankets ;]

then I did some email, Facebook, Blogging, and Planning for the photoshoot and took a nap ~ ooh a good nap it was

Then I decided to just do my nails and relax with some youtube ;P

Usually, if I spent a day like this I would feel miserable for not getting any studying done…but it’s not bad to give myself a break once in a while 😉 heehee~~~

Today was an interesting day ;]

Thoughts :: Busy bee..

In My thoughts on November 13, 2009 at 5:03 pm

SO much to DO…but there are some things that keep me going…

1. Like my Youth Group kids ;] okay they’re not kids…7th-12th graders but they’re still kids to me ;P

I’m so blessed by them and I LOVE them SO SO much >_< Just wish I could do more for them… spend more time with them …get to know them better….and  just get super close to them ❤

2. BARE Magazine and Banana Republic…both of which fall under my inspiration for Fashion…

Although working at Banana takes a toll on my body and takes time away from my studies~ I really enjoy working with some of my co-workers…having awesome co-workers is REALLY truly a big blessing !

Photographing, writing posts for the Blog, and working on Photoshoot productions is Just plain FUN!! I’ve been assisting with the production of Bare Magazine’s Photoshoot for Jennifer Newsom, actress and first lady of SF, and there’s a lot of work but I really like the people I work with.

On that note…I was working at Banana Republic in SF and stumbled across a bracelet-band thing-a-ma-bob that said, “Do what you Love” ;] and it made me Happy ~

Let’s Do what we LOVE!~ Money, Prestige, Fame…mean nothing if I’m unhappy with my life ;]

3. My Lovely Senior Class…a special gift that God sent my way…<3 ❤ ❤

…It’s getting cold ;] wrap up and keep warm errbody!!

Picnic at the Marina!!



Thoughts :: Shoot me…

In My thoughts on November 3, 2009 at 6:31 am

History of my Cameras…

Where to start….so my first photo-taking device was actually a small little web-cam-like thingy that I saw on the Home Shopping Network…you know the ones where they try to convince you to buy their product…yeah…they convinced me alright -_-;; A gullible Middle Schooler I was ;[

After an unsuccessful run with the dinky web-cam I decided to move to bigger waters…and got myself a Sony DSC-U10

Sony-inhand Sony-DSC-U10

It was so small and portable and cute…but that’s about it…[this was when mini-technology was IN]

I could barely see the pictures on the tiny LCD screen and it was overall quite unpractical…so I sold it to my dad for $50 LOL!!!

I was so sheisty as a kid…hmmm… actually “business-minded” would be a better description ;P

Then I saved up to buy myself the…

Canon Powershot SD10!! WOohoo!! Now we’re talking!!

Canon-inhand CanonSD10

My dearest and most well-served Camera…It went with me through all of High School and the beginning of College

And I still have it to this day (though its been sitting in my drawer for 3 years) in perfect working condition…although the battery life is not as long as before  ;]

When I came to College I had to catch up with the rapidly advancing technology…and after much hesitation…decided to put my Canon to rest and reached for the Casio Exilim EX-Z75…


LOVED the Big Screen…A drastic change from my last two cameras…not to mention the first one that didn’t have a screen to start with ;P

Snap Snap Snapped away my first three years of College life with this stud…but a little too much snapping must have worn him out >_< although it still took great pictures…the shutter button wasn’t as responsive as before and the reaction time was a tad bit too slow for my liking…There were just one-too-many great photo-moments lost because of these malfunctions ;[

I could have continued to use it but…what spurred me to invest in a new Mama was my 3-month trip to Korea this past Summer… How could I afford to NOT capture all my precious moments!! So I convinced myself to go to the electronic store and buy a Samsung camera…might as well…because I’m in Korea ;P … but who would’ve thought those salespeople would be so darn persuasive >_< I guess my gullibility hasn’t worn off yet… next thing you know… I was walking out with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-Tz3 >_< (which has been featured in my blog several times before)


… I ended up in LOVE with this CAMERA!!!!! It was the biggest Baddest Picture Taking Machine that I ever used !!

I didn’t go ANYWHERE without it~ no no no that would be like a Momma leaving her infant at home @o@ okay…a bit extreme…but get the point…

The pictures posted from Korea are all credited to this fella right here ;] … but unfortunately there’s no happy ending to this story… dun dun dun T_T

On a very special night…as I was getting out of my car…Mr. Lumix fainted on the floor…but I didn’t realize the extent of this damage until a week later when I tried to turn him on …. and that’s how I broke my first Camera. I’ve been looking for a Camera-Hospital to figure out what went wrong and if at all they’d be able to revive Lumix…but my search only continues…

I’ve been Camera-less for several weeks now…hmmm has it been over a month? GAH!! and I feel handicapped…

And after a couple of weeks of thinking…contemplating…research and some all-nighters…

I have decided to get a Canon EOS 500D/ Rebel T1i …


…currently awaiting its arrival…which is due this Thursday ;]

Now I can sleep soundly … 5:15 am… time to K.O.

Oh! and I will be making photo posts at very soon…

So come and enjoy 😉

Thoughts :: Vroom Vroom~~

In My thoughts on November 2, 2009 at 9:33 pm
What the future holds for me I will never know ;P
No matter how much I plan…no matter how passionate I become for a certain something…someone…or someplace…
It’s about time I realize that… I’m never going to be struck by lightning and all-of-a-sudden have super duper future powers like that one T.V. show “It’s Raven”… (LOL just googled it and it’s actually “That’s so Raven”)
So I decided to just enjoy life…and that’s how it’s been for the past 21 years of my life
My motto: Worrying about life only shortens the amount of time I have to ENJOY it…and worrying is pretty darn irrational ;]
But lately…I’ve been quite IRRATIONAL…and WORRYING about LIFE!! Like it’s going to fix things xP
I want to be carefree again…
Life is so much more FUN when I get to DREAM and let my imagination run wild ;]
Caution: Side effects include disappointment…
But my dreams keep me sane… and thinking about the possibilities makes me tingly inside… ^^
The best part about not knowing what the future holds in store for me is that…I get to rely on God ;]
Just another reminder that he’s holding onto the steering wheel…and all I have to do is step on the accelerator…
Sometimes I get scared and hit the breaks because my vision gets obstructed…or it looks like the car in the next lane is about to swerve into mine…but that’s just silly (that makes me VERY silly) because he’s the all time Champion of Races!! 😉 Thank goodness he knows how dumb I am lol….
In this race…he even made me a personal Carpool Lane [“Minimum Capacity – Shelly Park”] and all I have to do is hit the gas ;]
(…unlike the BAY BRIDGE Carpool lane….it’s open 24 Hours…not M-F 5-10am and 3-7pm -_-;;)
Yup! that’s right!! I’m rolling with JESUS at full speed ;] vroom vroom hahaha!!~


Shelly's Ride
My Life has been a search for that perfect place… a search that has brought me great struggles and disappointment… but what keeps me on top is his promise ;]
mmhmmm…So Good~
Did you know!?!?
You have your own Carpool lane too 😉
Hope you find it…once you’re in…the solid double yellow lines never fade ;]
Enjoy the ride!!
Wishing you God-speed ;]

Thoughts :: Monday at the Library

In My thoughts on October 29, 2009 at 11:23 am

My Monday ….

Went to my morning class …

Went to the library at 12pm to finish my Midterm Paper…


12 hours at the library … DaeBak!!


Cooked some yummy food for SG yesterday

Tuna Casserole. and chocolate cupcakes ;]

Yesterday was also my first meeting with BARE Blog team ~

I’m looking forward to working with BARE Magazine!! FUN FUN FUN

Now all I need is to get that CAMERA!!!~

I’ve been researching all week and i’m still torn between Canon and Nikon T_T

In the meantime…gotta work work work and save up ;]


Tentative Upcoming Plans….

NAPA Valley  – Senior Ladies!!! (Veteran’s Day)

New York – Senior Class Winter Trip